I help people express themselves.

Selina began tattooing in 2001. Over the years she has evolved into 3 core principles of tattooing:  Spirituality, Safety and Science.

Selina strives to give her customers the best work and an experience like none other.  She spends her free time advancing her understanding of the practices of tattooing and studies all aspects of tattooing.

Selina is an active member in the compliance community of tattoo products, and donates her time to improve safety standards and practices of tattooing in addition to her busy tattooing schedule. 

"My belief is tattooing can be supported by safety and evidence. I aim to give back to the community that has given me a world of opportunity.  I want to be remembered for tattooing, but for the preservation and advancement of the culture."

Selina uses concepts of science, safety and spirituality as core principles of her tattoo practices. With a hand selected process of tattooing, Selina curates her tattoos and client projects to fit her unique artistic style in line with her clients creative vision.