Tattoo Aftercare

Curious how to care for your tattoo? Check out this aftercare newsletter I made for my clients.

Woo hoo you got your tattoo!

Now what? Do put poop or other germs on your tattoo. No seriously wash your hands before and after you touch your tattoo EVERYTIME. The first couple of days your tattoo will be sensitive and tender to the touch but it will be more at risk of infection. Tattoo infections are not typical due to the immense preparations I take for my clients. That being said, you can always have a really rare case. So please, use basic hygiene. Your tattoo is a wound.

The first day of your tattoo you will notice redness, a little or a lot if you are pale like me. You will see swelling and you may become bruised in delicate areas like the inner arm or inner thigh. You can ice your tattoos for the firs day or so if you are super uncomfortable.

Day two to 3 you will notice redness leave, you may have some plasma under your bandage that is a liquid of all the inks mixed with your plasma. If you bandge leaks your bandage will no longer be good and intact. In which case you should remove your bandage, if it leaks. But by day 3 remove your transparent bandage and wash your tattoo once a day until you are fully healed.

From days 3 till 5, 6, 7 or even 8- you will notice dryness and fish food like flakes! The appearance of these scabs can vary from person to person and this part of the healing process is more about moisturizing the skin, not healing the tattoo. Your body is already doing that if you are in good health. Immunocompromised  individuals can see sluggish healing results sometimes lasting until 15 days after the tattoo. Listen to your body it will tell you when you need to lotion. You might see light cracks through your tattoo, or feel a dry spot with little flakes of skin over the tattoo.

Make sure you do not itch your tattoo. To prevent the most itchy conditions, make sure to use a Hyaluronic Acidcontaining moisuritinc lotion. I am a big fan of CeraVe products and think the formulation is ideal for tattoo clients.

After day 30 your tattoo will be totally healed. From day 1 to day 30, sometimes day 45 in delicate areas you should meticulously care for your tattoo by following the steps above.