All projects are selected by Selina for artistic alignment. Please make sure you book follow this booking process to get seen as the time slots open up.

Hourly rates start at $180 an hour

Sessions typically are 3-5 hours for maximum client benefit.

Let us know you want to get a tattoo

Step 1

The first step to getting started with me is to reach out. Book a phone consult to get in touch with me and discuss ideas on your tattoo. 

I respond as quickly as possible but with in 5 days on average. I am a ONE woman show.

Not sure what you want?

Don't want to wait? Ask to see out One-Off designs.

Contact is made, now a consultation

Step 2

We will talk about your tattoo idea over a phone chat, video consult or if you prefer a in-person consultation. When I speak with people first on the phone I will ask when and where you are available or a to make it to the shop. I will ask you a ton of questions, and ask your inspiration. If you want to find meaning in your tattoo, now is a great time to ask! 

After your consultation, fill out this form:

Get tattooed!

Step 3

Once we have met for your consultation, I have started your artwork and will have it at the time of your tattoo.  Not before. Time is made within your appointment to adjust the artwork if there is a need.

Selina's studio is located at 220 Westinghouse Blvd Unit 402 Charlotte, NC

Terms and conditions

Booking fees are required for ALL appointments and are non refundable. They go to end balance of your tattoo, or the last session on your project. 

We take a booking fee to ensure you will make it to your appointment and tell us if you are serious about your tattoo goals. If this does not work for you, we understand. Exceptions will not be made.

Artwork is NOT sent in advance. If you must see it before additional fees will apply, as this disrupts my creative process.

Artwork is never duplicated, or copied from any source image. Individual interpretations are made. We support unique and original  tattoos and works of art., but we never duplicate art under any conditions.