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Selina Medina: Advocating for Innovation and Safety in Tattoo Artistry

As a renowned tattoo artist and public health advocate, Selina Medina, am deeply involved in a myriad of initiatives aimed at enhancing the tattoo industry and promoting safety and innovation. Here's a snapshot of my recent engagements across various platforms:

Podcast Appearances and Documentaries: I featured in the "Books Closed Podcast" discussing the impact of EU ink regulations and starred in the 2020 documentary "Art’Tis Life," which explores the intricate world of tattoo artistry.

Professional Leadership: As a member of the Board of Directors for the Alliance of Professional Tattooists, I'm at the forefront of setting safety and professional standards within the industry.

Innovative Technologies: I've collaborated on projects involving nanotechnology to develop smart tattoo inks, a pioneering step towards integrating technology with tattoo artistry.

Conferences and Educational Roles: I regularly speak at major conferences, such as the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO), where I've presented on modern sterilization practices, the modernization of tattoo and permanent makeup inks, and the use of topical anesthetics in body art.

Media Engagements: My work and opinions have been featured in numerous articles from outlets like Newsweek and the Oregon Capitol Chronicle, where I discuss topics ranging from the safety of tattoo ink materials to public health perspectives on body art.

Public Advocacy and Education: Through platforms like my own site, Gloves Off, co-managed with Laurel Arrigona, we offer candid opinions and insights into public health issues related to tattooing.

Community and Cultural Contributions: I've participated in events highlighting the contributions of women in tattooing and have given demonstrations at tattoo conventions to educate and inspire upcoming artists.

These engagements reflect my commitment to advancing the tattoo industry while ensuring that safety and public health remain at the core of all artistic and technological developments. For more detailed insights into each of these endeavors, visit my website and follow my journey in promoting a safer, more innovative tattooing future.

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