"The gravity of our ambitions pulls at us, but like a star nearing its end, we must balance ambition with mindful planning. Avoid a time-collapse and harness the power of focused moments."

Welcome to the Supernova Education

My name is Selina and I am all about teaching creatives how to leverage their creativity into a super power for their buisness.

My upcoming couse is about Time Management.

Benefits of time management while balancing your creative life in tandem with other priorities:

Focus on Time Blocking, option adaptations, my process, juggling multiple roles,  and making time for what matters.

The Art of Time Management: Time Management Hacks for Creative Professionals

Years of Learning, Compacted Expertise:

For a decade, I devoured information on maximizing income, managing stress, and juggling responsibilities. Looking back, I wish I'd embraced "going with the flow" and the "work smarter, not harder" ethos. It would have accelerated my progress. But I learned a key lesson: our egos can be barriers.

Hi, I'm Selina Medina, and I'm passionate about helping creative professionals balance their lives. I've worked with everyone from Fortune 500 executives (Amazon, Popsockets, etc.) to solo entrepreneurs. The common thread? Time is everyone's enemy. I want to introduce you to new concepts around time and planning so you dont feel like youre constantly racing the clock.

Time as a Friend:

Most view time as an adversary, leading to stress and a feeling of never achieving enough. I'm here to shift your perspective. Time is a gift, and I want to help you reframe your thinking about time and productivity.

Welcome to The Art of Time Management:

This course distills my decades of learnings into powerful hacks for creative professionals. They'll help you succeed as a solo business owner, and they're tools even seasoned CEOs leverage for balance.

Learn, Empower, Achieve:

I'll break down time blocking and time management concepts specifically for creative minds. Reclaim your power, supercharge your life, and achieve the greatness I know you possess!

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I cant wait to help you unlock your potential.

Don't just manage your time, manage your energy. Align your actions with your passion, and watch your productivity ignite!