Selina began tattooing in 2001 while still in high school, learning from a family friend. Growing up near tattoo culture it was no surprise Selina fell fast in love with the art style.

A firm believer in the entrepreneurial lifestyle, Selina balances a career in tattoo product manufacturing and nurturing her artistic side tattooing. 

In the end of 2020, Selina and her partner Matt relocated to South Carolina to start a new part of their journey, tattoo ink manufacturing. After Selina assisted one of the largest companies in the world to achieve EU Product Compliance for tattoo inks, she embraced the education in pigments and inks to appy to her clients tattoos. 

Upon relocating to the Carolinas; in 2022 Selina and Matt opened a private tattoo shop in the Ballantyne corporate are in Halifax Square neighborhood of south Charlotte, NC. With high end amenities, ease of travel and beautiful hotel spaces- all are welcome to travel to the Queen city to get tattooed and enjoy a luxurious weekend.